And the wave of love and gratitude that broke over us when we realized how close we’d come to serious injury or death felt even stronger than the rogue wave that pounded us into the volcanic rocks above Hanakapi‘ai Beach. Although Hanakapi'ai Beach is a dangerous swimming spot, most drownings and near-drownings in Hanakapi'ai are in the river when people try to cross in water that is too fast and deep, and they are swept away by flooding river waters. Up from the beach is the start of the Hanakapiai Falls Trail. By participating in online discussions you The first 2 miles of the cliff-hugging Kalalau Trail takes you there and, while offering incredible coastal perspectives, requires a hearty dose of … “Get ready to run,” I said to my wife as we watched a muscular swell gain momentum shortly after noon Monday at Hanakapi‘ai Beach. We are independently owned so content written by us merely reflect our own opinions. Hanakapiai Beach. During the summer months, Hanakapiai's shore is sandy, but in the winter, the waves wash ashore and remove most of the sand from the beach. They’re called sneaker waves: They are impossible to predict, appearing with little or no warning, and often surge high up on the beach with deadly force. Her ankle appeared broken and she was unable to stand. After hiking for about an hour, we hit the half-mile viewpoint; Alex, who by now had two black eyes, said it felt faster hiking back. I was there, and tossed brutally by the wave. Like the 40 or so people at the beach, we’d hiked the first two miles of the Kalalau Trail on a brilliant sunny day, watching towering waves crash into the Napali bluffs. Do not allow this to continually happen. The strongest waves neared the top of the beach, but we had at least 30 feet of buffer, or so we thought. Over a 40-year period (1970–2009) a total of 392 drowning deaths were recorded on Kauai. Dozens of drownings have happened here. Kapa’a is the perfect location for travelers to stay on Kauai. I’m not sure that if we’d been standing the water would have been over our heads, but the sudden intense force of it made it impossible to stand so we’ll never know. The most experienced volcano experts die in eruptions. t’s called Hanakapiai Beach not Hanakapiai Overlook…. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Get the latest email updates about the coronavirus outbreak — it's FREE! I had somewhat deep cuts on my right knee and shin and on my left elbow, but what caused me the most discomfort was a deep bruise on the top of my right foot; it was painful to put my full weight on it. 132,212,400 stock photos online. The hike to Hanakapiai … I still feared a second rogue wave but didn’t see one coming so we collected what gear we could. Hanakapiai is one of the beautiful and deadly beaches of Hawaii. 3137 Kuhio Hwy., Lihue, HI 96766 Telephone: (808) 245-3681, Fatal traffic crash involves motorcyclist, ambulance, Herrera case first jury trail since last March, Ige’s campaign pushes for digital economy. I found her bleeding on both knees, left hip, and left arm, but she was clear-eyed and fortunately hadn’t hit her head too hard. We’d read the warning signs and cautiously chose our lunch spot, on the volcanic rocks far above the beach. more, Copyright 2020 World Of Waterfalls, All Rights Reserved enuf already, make em pay for the ride out. Download 182 Hanakapiai Beach Kauai Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates! What can the lifeguards say, and how about the 2 new park rangers?? Like the 40 or so people at the beach, we’d hiked the first two miles of the Kalalau Trail on a brilliant sunny day, watching towering waves crash into the Napali bluffs. The hike to Hanakapiai beach is by far one of the most beautiful trails in all Hawaii. Hanakapiai Beach is beautiful, but deadly. Copyright © 2021 Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii. To report comments that you believe do not follow our guidelines, Thanks for your compassionate and insightful comment. Alex is also a river guide and anticipated that we’d go straight into concussion protocol, so she told us her name and that she lives in Sacramento, showing us her mind was working. The current is so strong that some victims have never been found. For more info, excerpts and links to buy the book, click: Hikers on the Kalalau Trail near Hanakapiai Beach. If your comments Danger at Hanakapiai Beach. 5 minutes read. During summer months, Hanakāpīʻai Beach's sandy shore line is clearly visible; during winter months, dangerously powerful waves and high tides wash away the sandy shore line. The local woman said she’d lived on Kauai for 30 years and had often visited this beach but had never seen a wave like this. In cars. After making the trek, to reach Hanakapiai you must cross the Hanakapiai River, which flows down from the soaring cliffs and meets the ocean. So … The best animal experts get killed by animals. Local or tourist, the ocean always wins. Bad things happen there when we aren’t in the midst of a major winter swell, going there during a major water isn’t a great idea. Get over the hump of the mid-week blues! Here’s a video posted to YouTube by: Vo2maxProductions. In the summer time, the sand is thick and beautiful and there is plenty of room to lounge around on the beach and have a picnic either on the sand or on the rocks. We were on the *rocks* well above the beach and yes there were locals there. Sandi and I hike out to Hanakapiai Falls along the Napali Coast… They mention the dangers of swimming. As kauai resident and local who moved to the island 6 months ago, i fully agree with original poster. The content on this website may not be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.HOME ♦ PRIVACY POLICY ♦ TERMS, Affiliate Disclosure: We receive compensation from companies whose products or services are used, referenced, or reviewed regardless of whether we endorse or criticize them. In fact don’t leave the house, its dangerous out there. For a moment, I didn’t know which way was up and didn’t know if we’d be carried out to sea with the wave. Beware the beauty of Hanakapiai. In fact one of the locals was a woman and her son – dad had gone to hike to the falls and they were on the rocks with us. Perhaps the craggy rocks saved us. When we ran into the firefighter on the trail he was wearing mismatched shoes. Cost of doing business. Before the wave hit the beach I said, “Get ready to run.”. What Is Rental Car Insurance Coverage? Find the perfect hanakapiai beach, kauai stock photo. More than three-fourths (300) were due to nonboating incidents occurring at the ocean shoreline. The secluded beach is only accessible via the Kalalau Trail, and is approximately a two-mile hike from the trail head, which begins at Ke’e Beach. As a whitewater raft guide, I’m not unfamiliar with the power of moving water, but I’d never felt anything like this. People drown everywhere. But at that point we didn’t think there was anything we could do to help so we re-crossed Hanakapi‘ai Stream and started climbing out. All rights reserved. The word Ha… Log in, My wife and I love chasing waterfalls! send us an email. Surrounded by water. Kapa’a is located just north of Wailua on the east side of Kauai. As we had at the beginning of the hike, we took photos in front of the Kalalau Trail and NaPali Coast State Wilderness Park signs, to have a before-and-after set of images to remember the day. He is a contributor to National Geographic Traveler, American Way, The Sun, Virtuoso Traveler, Alaska Beyond, San Francisco Chronicle and Washington Post. I’ve swum Class IV-V rapids but this was more frightening as we didn’t know when it would end or if it would pull us out to sea, where there waves were 15-20 feet high and crashing into the cliffs. So those of you who have been there may think we were sitting on the rocks with the surf lapping at our feet…not the case. It is also about 2 miles from Hanakapiai Falls. But think you should be discussing based on the facts of this situation. Everyone should read Earthling’s post about drownings. In fact one of the locals was a woman and her son – dad had gone to hike to the falls and they were on the rocks with us. Shapiro and Yau saw the warning signs posted along Kauai’s Hanakapiai Beach last Monday alerting hikers of dangerous waves and high surf. We were at Hanakapi'ai one time in November. Kauai has updated its pre-travel testing program and procedures for both incoming trans-pacific and inter-county travelers. It’s life. Crashing waves and rocks at Hanakapi ai Beach Na Pali Coast Island of Kauai Hawaii. On the beach was a mix of locals and visitors. I didn’t see any actual locals in the picture…Oh wait,.. that’s because we’re not idiots!!! I recall a fairly awkward moment in a very…. Clearly, a lot of folks were caught off guard, and they can’t all be careless. Not sure what’s the right solution. The east side may have rough waves due to trade winds, and the west side will have high surf wrapping along the coast. But people around us were crying and looking for loved ones.

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