I loved them!! Look for individually wrapped chocolate squares to help with portion control. my favorite was the vanilla, with a hot cup of coffee in the morning they were great! Figurines...help keep you as you are, with a calorie rate...138 a bar, figurines.... christina97223 - July 28, 2009 - Report this comment. I loved the vanilla ones, I would get in so much trouble for eating all of them. Funny. a lot of people asked how you could lose weight on these. I don't know why those worked so much better than the "protein" and other meal replacement bars of today, but they did. Great memories. It seems like a stupid idea today, but then I just saw an energy bar at the convenience store today selling for $5. I am 64, and really need to loose about 50 lbs. I also remember the ABBA shakes, they were awesome.However Figurines were the Best! Me and my sisters used to sneak them from our Mom! I was hoping they were still made but after searching everywhere I can think of, I found out for sure they have been discontinued. My favorite were the caramel flavored, they might be considered the chocolate bars. The name Sego derived from a Salt Lake City-based company, Sego Milk Products Company, that Pet Milk had purchased in 1925. I ate them between the ages of 18-21 I think (I sure was thin back then, maybe because I would eat them as a meal!) Bulletproof Collagen Bar. I wish they were still available, I'd buy them in a second. They( thier Buyers) are investigating them for us! Honestly - in my early 20s I was addicted to Tab and Figurines! Figurines are the new crispy, crunchy bar that give dieters the satisfaction of biting into good, solid food. I wish I could remember the rest. I distinctly remember the commercial from the early and mid '70s, with the Mary Tyler Moore-looking brunette walking around and singing "138 a baaaaar..." That jingle has been stuck in my head for about 35 years now. My fav was chocolate man it was so goooood!! We where talking about whatever happend to them. My kids think I'm nuts and don't know what I'm talking about, if they only knew. I used to get them in my lunch box and trade one of them for real food, lol. I totes remember these very well too. google_ad_format = "120x600_as"; I loved Figurines! Lily’s, Choc Zero, Slim Fast, and Kiss My Keto offer low-carb chocolate options. I haven't thought of them in years. Pillsbury.......bring them back, please, and let us know why they were discontinued. WOW! Rite Aide has Power Crunch bars at $1.99! My grandmother used to pack these when she would visit us, when I was a kid. I never tired of looking forward to supper when that was the fare. Omg!!!! i loved the vanillia ones!!!! On 3/6/2014 Deb1010again said: On 3/6/2014 tansy said: Yes, I do. And people keep commenting on how much sugar they had - but I do not recall them being sugary sweet at all - the flavors were good - but bore no actual resemblance to 'candy' - just incredibly palatable than any other diet bar I've ever had! Yum!! when ever i go south to winnipeg i pretend not to look for the chocolate bar called(snackbar). That combo really filled me up. I lost 30 lbs in high school on these (of course I was only eating one of these and 2 diet cokes a day). I'll put in my request to Pillsbury. It was back in 85. that was absolutely to-die-for! I'm not sure she ever got any of the chocolate becuz I ate them all. The "diet" bars are so popular now...it may just be a real profit maker for them! =) The Power Crunch bars probably have more protein than Figurines and are better for us, even if they don't taste identical. I would buy them now if I could. Don’t use them to treat a low blood sugar. I used to love the Caramel-Nut flavored Figurines. Powered by Tengine I loved the chocolate ones!! Can you fill in these blank classic TV episode titles with the correct foods? The regular ones and not the Figurines 100 kind. WE'LL SEE. If anyone finds them, let me know, please. Just realized how much I missed them and after reading all of these comments I can remember very distinctly how each of the flavors tasted. google_color_bg = "E7F0EB"; i can see the pkg and taste the wafer in the chocolate ones. We used to sneak some out of the box. Like someone said they tasted like wafers. With a low cal rate, 138 a bar. They are the closest I've found to that wonderful chocolate figurine flavor. I did not get a response. Launched in 1967, the Stillman Diet was high on spices, and hard on condiments. old at the time. I ASKED IF THEY WOULD CONSIDER BRINGING THEM BACK. I remember the Figurines commercials circa 1977: "For every chocolate mousse I've missed, For every eclair I resist, Figurines are sweet revenge! Sego was a US meal replacement diet drink formally marketed by Pet, Inc. (at the time Pet Milk) as Sego Liquid Diet Food. I so enjoyed all the comments - I too used to sneak them from my mom. I was truly disappointed when they were discontinued! So many people never completed withdrawl! The chocolate flavor was my favorite--I preferred them to most candy bars! My sister and I have been sitting here reading the majority of these entries just giggling out loud! BUT I found something that is shockingly close in flavor to the chocolate figurines bar - the Nestle Crunch CRISP bars. Undoubtedly full of sugar and artificial crap. We would buy them saying we were going to lose weight. PLEASE Pillsbury - bring them back!! google_ad_channel = "9301152533"; Does anyone remember the full lyrics. Five and six: chicken. They have brought just about everything from my childhood back with the exception of Pomac- my favorite soft drink. I used to raid my Mom's stash. 8 favorite foods that first appeared in 1981. OMG,I have been looking for these bars for years! oh i dunno. Design. "Figurines" could get me there - I am sure. google_color_link = "A74403"; PAC-MAN Small Collectible 4" Interactive … I loved the Vanilla. Absolutely loved the chocolate mint Figurines, my children did too!! While protein is best consumed after a workout to help repair the muscles, it can also be a healthy snack or treat throughout the day. Ate the entire box all at once. Maybe I'll start a petition and forward to Pillsbury. Submit a story or info about Figurines Diet Bars,