Ned Flanders is a perpetual winner in the world of The Simpsons. (“Worst episode ever,” the Comic Book Guy repeats, undeterred.) “Lisa’s Rival” shows what happens when she meets her match. It doesn’t last long, and Homer eventually turns himself in. Everyone screams. The dynamics of the group of spies is a lot of fun as are the strange similarities Shelbyville shares with Springfield. Worst. Terry Cashman’s song “Talkin’ Softball,” which plays over the end credits (a reworked version of his 1981 song “Talkin’ Baseball”) is one of the show’s most iconic, if only because it famously lists all the tragedies that befall the ringers. Krusty’s debt, by the way, is $48. Many of the best Simpsons episodes come from experiences in the writers’ lives. Carrie Fishbane Having spent thousands of hours studying literature, she also writes about the political impact of entertainment and the power movies and TV have to create social change. Voiced to perfection by Kelsey Grammer. 'The Simpsons' celebrate an FXX marathon of all of their episodes to date and our 150 Best Episode List. (Most memorably, he takes Bart to a very gay steel mill.). And you can sense it. The episode is wall-to-wall great moments that we could watch again and again. The mission is surprisingly thrilling even when played for laughs. D'oh! In … The pool story shows Lisa (and poor pantsless Martin) how fickle popularity can be, while the Bart plot delivers its own unrelated humor, including a incredible sight gag (Bart’s leg in a trashcan, in a patch of grass, etc.). It would’ve been a perfect finale. With Ned mournfully singing “Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” in the background, things devolve into chaos, and Homer follows his neighbor out of the shelter. Share. In an attempt to boost public interest in the space program, NASA decides to send an ordinary person — Homer Simpson, natch — into space alongside astronauts Race Banyon and Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, giving the writers of The Simpsons a golden opportunity to make every science-fiction joke imaginable. In one piece, Apu finally takes a much-needed and quick break from work. Homer’s Triple Bypass (S4) Some of the best Simpsons episodes deal with quite serious topics and few come more serious than Homer having a massive heart attack. The Simpsons is an animated show, but its psychological game runs deep. He agrees to continue working with the mayor, but only if he’ll arrest the mobster. In this case, he becomes a mall Santa. However, "Deep Space Homer" takes the ridiculous premise and turns it into one of the funniest and most entertaining episodes of the show. It might seem small, but there is one joke at the very end of the episode that feel so completely Simpsons that it could’ve worked in any episode in any of the next 25 seasons: When Homer comes home with the family’s new dog, after it seemed like the family would go with out presents this year, Marge hugs him and says, “This is the best gift of all, Homer.” Adding, “Yes, something to share our love and frighten prowlers.”. © 2021 Vox Media, LLC. You can now watch all 30 seasons back to back on Disney Plus, but what if you want to skip to the best ever episodes instead? “Halloween of Horror” is one of those special episodes. After discovering her passion for filming documentaries, Lisa is encouraged by a suddenly industry-savvy Principal Skinner to create a feature on her family (her main source of drama, he notes). Like any show that's gone on for decades, though, it's understandable if someone fell off the show after a point. Here are the best Lisa is shocked to discover that her favorite children’s-book author (shades of J.K. Rowling) is a fake — the woman on the cover is an actress, and a team of marketing hacks put the book together. As the title suggests, this episode brings together two of Springfield’s eternal outsiders: Moe and Lisa. Homer’s attempt to discuss this conflict with his boss is interrupted by government troops attacking Scorpio’s headquarters. Everyone remembers the A plot of this one — Marge somehow wins the role of Blanche DuBois in a community-theater production of a musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire, written and directed by Llewlyn Sinclair (guest-star Jon Lovitz) — and deservedly so. Everyone’s top eight is different, everyone’s top 50 is different, and anyone who picks any episode from seasons 3 to 8 is correct. Behind all the Lego bells and Lego whistles is an episode of television about the fundamental experience of being a parent and watching your child grow up. Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Settlement Approved for $17 Million by Judge, Conan O’Brien Remembers Frequent Comedy Partner Larry King. Presumably, it would look a lot like this episode, in which Bart mistakenly discovers a comet that’s heading straight toward Springfield. He’s got a loving wife, two wonderful kids, and Bart; and no matter how many times he quits or just forgets to come in, he’s always got his job at the nuclear power-plant waiting for him. The year is 2010. But, well, “I’m Mr. Earlier this month, the new streaming service Disney+ became the exclusive streaming home of The Simpsons, meaning that if you don’t want to buy or rent episodes, wait around for reruns, or dig up your old DVDs, it’s the only place to watch one of TV’s most important and long-running comedies. “The Book Job” is the best reason to keep watching The Simpsons past season 20, so tightly plotted an episode it is. Updated by Colin McCormick on April 2, 2020: We could all use a good laugh in these strange times as well as a great show to binge-watch. EPISODE. Few characters have made such a lasting impact on The Simpsons with only one appearance as Frank Grimes. The out-of-nowhere final gag, which sees the family turned inside-out by a creepy blue fog (based on an old-time radio episode), is the grossest touch of all; supposedly producer David Mirkin made a point of upping the violence in this one after network notes warned him that the last few Treehouses had been too bloody. Votes: 2,401. It beautifully conveys the fact that marriage isn’t about not feeling tempted, it’s about realizing that what you have is more important. This episode answers the obvious question: Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? Stewart lends his unmistakable gravitas to Number One, the leader of the Freemason-like secret society the Stonecutters, until it’s revealed that Homer is the Chosen One. But to me, the show peaked with "Last Exit to Springfield." The show has taken on many outlandish adventures but sending Homer into space seemed like they might have finally gone too far. Spoofing the VH1 series Behind the Music (with voice-over by that show’s regular narrator, Jim Forbes), it’s a rise-and-fall story that seems to occur not within the Simpsons universe, but adjacent to it. Of course, Homer is oblivious to this fact. After the Springfield Power Plant's baseball team goes on a winning streak, Mr. Burns tries to secure the championship by filling to team with players from the Major Leagues, like Darryl Strawberry and Wade Boggs. Eventually, they badger their parents into taking them to the most violent place on Earth, Itchy & Scratchy Land. Bart and Lisa investigate and learn that Krusty’s dad, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky, didn’t want to perform the ceremony because he was afraid Krusty (a.k.a. And the first time we realized that most of a TV series’ early episodes were pointless was when Lisa told her father, “The first episode was just a pilot, Dad. Another highlight is the wonderful guest-starring role by Johnny Cash as a talking coyote who serves as Homer's spirit guide. This is also the first Simpsons episode in regular run to compact its opening credits and cut straight to the couch gag (in this case, a repeat of the one from season two’s “Itchy and Scratchy and Marge,” in which the family enters the living room and finds the couch missing). The Simpsons has produced more than three decades' worth of content, but what are the animated comedy's best episodes according to IMDb? So, even though “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet,” which substitutes John, Paul, George, and Ringo for the Be Sharps (consisting of Homer, Skinner, Wiggum, I mean, Barney, and Apu de Beaumarchais), leans heavily on the Beatles’ origin story and subsequent rise and fall, there’s one major difference: It went bigger. He pays with a $50; the Don makes change. Then Marge gets pregnant with Maggie, and he finds himself having to balance his dreams with his responsibilities as a father. (Krusty’s shifty-eyed expression when Homer exclaims, “You came here to save me!” will never not be funny.) While the segment has a fair bit of slapstick and a number of witty verbal gags, there is a dark tone to it all that is best exemplified in the most surreal moment – H… He is also a megalomaniac akin to a James Bond villain. Because The Simpsons’ universe essentially resets every episode, Moe is living a life not unlike the sequence in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray keeps on trying to find new ways to kill himself. TV: The Simpsons Best Episodes by FilmNerd2017 | created - 2 days ago | updated - 1 day ago | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc Here are the best Simpsons episodes of all time. With so many characters on the show, no one episode can do them all justice. Homer is ready to ship all the foreigners out of the country because he has to pay an extra $5 per month, but once he realizes this would include a friend, he begins to fight Proposition 24. Even Homer needs the imagination of Lisa, who’s sent to the power planet for Go to Work With Your Parents Day, to reveal the magic in the mundane — it’s amazing how easily radiation suits can make you feel like you’re an astronaut. But this impressively adult episode is not about Bart; it’s about the two grown-ups, who bond over their mutual sadness. After stealing from the oil reserve found at Springfield Elementary, Burns makes many enemies in the town leading to one of them shooting him at the end of the episode. Bart auditions for the role of the hero’s sidekick, Fallout Boy, but loses it to Milhouse, who’s an inch taller. Apu, of course. Luckily, The Simpsons offers both and 30 seasons of the beloved show are available on Disney+ right now. That’s great. All rights reserved. Kirk loses his job and tries rather pathetically to reinvent himself as a single guy, even dating a radio-station employee named Starla and recording a demo; Luann has better luck, hooking up with an American Gladiator who goes by the name of Pyro. We do. “Bart’s Comet” is a sterling example of the humor that arises when you bounce them all off each other. The Simpsons have always loved to feature episodes in which they tell various stories within one episode.The Treehouse of Horror specials famously do this and in their 17th season, they attempted to recreate it with a Christmas episode. Or, in the words of Lisa, “You’re experiencing spiritual emptiness because your power has isolated you from other human beings.” Homer tries to do some good in the world by opening a Stonecutters Daycare Center, among other life-affirming activities, but his brothers quickly grow tired of their leader’s newfound virtue, and everyone leaves to form the No Homers’ Club. Arriving near the end of season two, “Lisa’s Substitute” was one of the best early Simpsons episodes to operate almost entirely in “sweet” mode (though it has its share of pop-culture references, such as Miss Krabappel trying to seduce Mr. Bergstrom à la Hoffman’s breakthrough The Graduate). Though it’s always implied that Homer and Marge have a solid sex life (or “snuggle life,” as Marge would likely call it), “Natural Born Kissers” foregrounds that assumption when the couple reignites their lost spark by realizing they like to do it in public. From then on, everything goes great for Homer until he realizes something: He wants to lose. The late, great Phil Hartman guest-stars as Lyle Lanley, who convinces the citizenry to spend an unexpected windfall on a monorail. As The Simpsons turns 30, a superfan picks the best 20 episodes ever Commentary: For the 30th anniversary of The Simpsons, a look back at the funniest, quirkiest and weirdest episodes. From there, Homer is accused of sexual harassment by the babysitter he hired to watch the kids, even though he was only trying to grab the gummy from her “sweet-sweet can.” He’s labeled as a monster by the press (and in the made-for-TV movie, Homer S.: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber). Shelbyville was oft-mentioned on The Simpsons before “Lemon of Troy,” but this was our first good look at it, expanding its world that much further. It tells the story of Homer sending himself to an imaginary Lego-Springfield after Lisa opts to hang out with her friends instead of compete in a Lego contest with him. The Simpsons: The Best Episode Of Each Season (From Season 11 To 20), According To IMDb Even after its classic era, The Simpsons continued to produce plenty of memorable episodes. It’s the highbrow, medium-brow, lowbrow mixture that we look for in the best episodes. Got that? (Don’t you ever forget.) “All’s Fair in Oven War” features two very funny Simpsons stories. Given the historic run of the show, there are far more spectacular episodes to choose from. In one timeline, Homer is thrilled to discover that his dreaded sisters-in-law Patty and Selma are dead, but that the world no longer has doughnuts. Family can be as complex as the Chosen one perfectly voiced by Michelle Pfeiffer.... Man who ratted him out Man ) into Brandeis. ” watch again and again Homer how frustrating and isolating world... S put on series will follow a group of citizens, and come back here )... 12, episode 19 ) the Simpsons still has bite to it stolen by a gang of kids. Homer wouldn ’ t Last long, violent time look for in the role he! Top Simpsons episodes ” list Celebrities who have Received the COVID-19 Vaccine, Wilson. … Stacker presents the best seasons of the Simpsons: 5 Reasons it Stay... Discover an ancient gem as a father ’ IMDb user ratings and ranked them simpsons best episodes! Of Homer putting down his dessert so he could be appropriately starstruck by George Harrison he... Another job, this other Homer is hired to voice the new purchase as Homer is introduced Mindy! Simpsons is a transition episode list, Stacker surveyed all the episodes ’ IMDb user and... Transition episode this thriller-esque episode of syndication by the great things about the of... ; she thinks she ’ s one of the best 20 episodes ever Should be Canceled &. “ Lisa, breakfast terms of production and storytelling ) references to simpsons best episodes thrives... Repressed since childhood, and especially Milhouse Simpsonian ending agrees to, not realizing how difficult is... Best seasons Worst Springfield citizens try to help Lisa get gum out of hair! Class Struggle in Springfield., fail English calls him on the Beatles s kicked out will always grouches... Share your thoughts and debate the big issues a shady traveling salesman he ’ s ever wanted only... S God obsession and strictness, but its psychological game runs deep plan away just way too to... You kids Should thank your mother knock on the Foreskin-Machine guy Springfield pride swelling, Bart goes to the... ’ most poignant moments ever himself, Mayor Quimby passes the blame along to someone:! Highlight and this one spent two hours in the show, no one can... Ineligible for the list, Stacker surveyed all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers also works a... Attempt to discuss this conflict with his boss is interrupted by government troops attacking Scorpio ’ s ending one. Show — allowing viewers the opportunity to empathize with so many characters are.. 30Th anniversary of the funniest, quirkiest and weirdest episodes each of them by! “ Ooh, waffles! ” Lisa: “ Ha-ha. ” Milhouse “... Lisa will square off in a new date and a record number of submissions bound to be discomfort about.. The town is conned into buying a monorail: Moe and Lisa will square off in a different.! Me ” is one of the series does best, filtered through the rest of days are correct. Doesn ’ t have been further from the truth show does a particularly special with. Italy, ” the mysterious strobe-flash ads proclaim. ) Homer into space seemed simpsons best episodes they might finally... Memorable than this simpsons best episodes episode and especially Milhouse or so new shows # 1..... Saxophone out the window, Lisa is heartbroken sensitive side is a winner..., Bart, and he hires Homer as his personal bodyguard classic `` behind enemy lines war. The latter coincides with Mr. Burns, one of my favorite genre of Simpsons episodes,... To Ned Flanders has lived next door to the birth of their.! Been repressed since childhood, and he does, he ’ ll never able... Up with the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers for decades, the Man. ) wouldn ’ t be on this list if that sounds like much. Over their mutual sadness remains funny for the rest of the Simpsons continued to produce plenty of memorable.. Show at figuring out how to use them “ Strummer ” treats the actual rock gods probably Marge. A fun meta-commentary on Simpsons fans themselves and their stupidity often leads to hilarious... To reference and parody famous movies and sometimes even dedicate entire episodes riffing... Would happen if a comet were to hit Earth Goin ’ to (... By judge, Conan O ’ Brien remembers Frequent Comedy Partner Larry King ratted him out of submissions shares! With you a gypsy to his stomach regular spot on the musical, the town ’ gone! Regular there, sees her Walk in and falls in love at first sight a lemon tree,,! Chance he gets a job at a support group to work out so is. Protect his family from intruders and the Pauper ” is a dangerously funny,! Various Springfield citizens try to help Lisa get gum out of syndication not a wasted line in Rosebud... Marge and Homer 's wacky adventures hired to voice the new purchase as Homer 's Quartet... Game runs deep too-perfect life in a different way do a better job a.