The Knights of the Anvil, also known as the Anvilars, are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding and are of uncertain lineage. The Bears of the Claw are a strange, but Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the 20, The Black Devourers are a former Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding. This Chapter was created during the 4, The Dread Hands are a Loyalist chapter of Space Marines that were created in the 4, The Dread Knights are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter from the 21, The Dusk Crusaders are a notorious Renegade Chapter who abandoned their duty for the power and pride only offered by the Dark Gods. Because of this they guard their history and only tell those they trust, their origins. The Lunar Guard are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown lineage created during the 9, The Lycanthropes are a savage and mysterious Space Marine Chapter created during the 21, The Maelstrom Fists is a solely Primaris Space Marine Chapter created during the Ultima Founding, formed from the lineage of the Indomitable Imperial Fists. The Stygian Krakens are a mysterious and foreboding Loyalist Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. This list also includes Renegade Chapters of Chaos Space Marines as well as those Space Marine Chapters considered Excommunicate Traitoris by the High Lords of Terra, whether they serve the Ruinous Powers or not. Top 5 Space Marine Chapters By GraniteSoldier October 1, 2014 2 Comments 5. However, they are distant from their fellow Unforgiven, not because of a grudge or spite, but because of their creation. It is believed that they were created during the 9, The Sin Seekers are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown lineage, produced somewhere around the 19, The Skull Reapers are an Astartes Chapter of suspected Iron Hands descent created during an unknown Founding, but are suspected to be a Chapter of the mysterious 21, The Skull Takers are a notoriously bellicose and vicious Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the 11. They are masters of void warfare and boarding operations. They still see themselves as the loyal warriors of the Emperor, blind to the chaotic corruption that warps their armour, twists their flesh and perverts their scripture. The Solar Falcons are a venerable Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the wild and unforgiving White Scars during the Third Founding in 001.M32. The Solar Spectres are a mysterious and merciless Space Marine Chapter created during the recent Ultima Founding. Clad in old Mark III 'Iron' pattern marks of armour, the Warmachines are ever pragmatic and utilitarian, utilising heavy bombardment, ordnance and overwhelming firepower to crush their foes under an unrelenting hail of munitions and shells. However, the chapter did so without the consent of the Adeptus Mechanicus or the Ecclesiarchy, committing the unforgivable sin of Maletek Incarna. Known for tactical prowess, Astartes of the Angels Repentant prefer laying bolterfire at a distance, before closing the gap to rip their enemies to shreds. Most of their history has been lost and their own records are either incomplete or destroyed. They were created from pure lineage of the valiant and much lauded Ultramarines. Created during the 13, The Brotherhood of Embers are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter that is a suspected descendant of the Salamanders Chapter, with their founding being held during the 3. This savage and merciless Chapter were reputedly created in antiquity, but their exact origins are difficult to pinpoint by Imperial scholars, remaining shrouded in the midsts of long-lost antiquity, thousands of years in the past. They continue to honour both their Progenitors and their namesake through their heroic deeds. Each Chapter in turn was divided into a number of Battalions, each of which was further divided into Companies. Created with a new generation of the Space Wolves' geen-seed to try and lessen the effects of the 'Curse of Wulfen', they were sent to the world of Tyrheim, a relatively new planet discovered by the Imperium. This Chapter specialises in void warfare, boarding actions, and heavy armored assaults. The resulting brutality has led to their investigation on charges of heresy by the Inquisition on multiple occasions, though they have been cleared of suspicion at present. The relatively small size of the Ordo Mercador and the vast amount of space their jurisdiction covers leaves the Ordo perpetually overextended, so Chapter Masters of the Blades of Morkai are also considered Ordo Mercador Inquisitors themselves in an effort to alleviate this. The Burning Fate are an Ultima Founding Successor Chapter of the vaunted Blood Angels comprised entirely of newly revealed Primaris Space Marines. The Doom Hunters are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unfortunate and mysterious origin, and very few outside of the chapter know it and live for very long after learning their secrets. The Blood Jaws are a formerly Loyalist Chapter of Space Marines created during an Unknown Founding, and from uncertain lineage, in 013.M37. The Dawn's Wolves make up a part of an unofficial collective comprised of a quadrumvirate of Space Wolves Successors known as the '. For reasons unknown they are looked upon with great acrimony and distrust by the Chapters of the Unforgiven. Whatever they may have done was terrible enough that much of their early history has been completely erased and remains known only to the Temporal Lords themselves, who work tirelessly to keep this knowledge to themselves alone. The Death Angels are a Successor Chapter of the venerable Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter. The Holy Hospitallers are an ancient Crusading Chapter descended from the zealous Black Templars. They have a strong connection with humans and protect those that can't defend themselves. The were founded pretty early in the Ultima Founding, which means they're comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines. They are known for having an overly savage nature for warfare and for there strict adherence to the Imperial Creed compared to most other Adeptus Astartes Chapters. They are a highly controversial and isolationist chapter, with a history of ruthless brutality. These scions of Ferrus Manus are noted for their stern demeanour and ruthless persecution of their foes. Using aggressive stealth tactics to break down the enemy's defenses before fast striking waves of marines charge the enemy. The Epsilon Tempest are a Successor Chapter of the vaunted Ultramarines. Though they have not managed to completely obliterate Huron and his empire the Kraken Sons have managed to curb the Tyrant of Badab's raids into their former sector. These suicidal Space Marines are a fearful opponents, utterly unconcerned with their own well-being and driven join their gene-sire in death, the Mourning Cherubim brought relentless destruction to any they faced. Created during an Unknown Founding and of uncertain lineage, the Chapter annals of the Temporal Lords contains a secret so dangerous that it's discovery would spell doom for the Chapter. 999.M41. Little is known of the history of this obscure Chapter, save at some point they destroyed much of their Chapter history and took a vow of silence. They were founded during the 2. The New Dawn are a Loyalist Successor Chapter created during an Unknown Founding, sometime in late M37, from the proud lineage of the heroic and venerable Blood Angels. The chapter has been tasked with reinforcing and defending a set of crucial imperial worlds based in the Alconeus System of the Alkonost sub-sector and it's three forge worlds. The chapter is fleet-based after the events that led to the annihilation of their homeworld Nyota IV in late M41. The Blades of Dorn are a proud Chapter descended from Imperial Fists lineage, created as a part of the 12. Please note: Fan-created Chapters must be posted at the Warhammer 40,000 Homebrew Wiki and not on this page. Now they commit the most obscene levels of carnage wherever they go, in tribute to their brutal and bloody deity. The chapter is composed of a mix of Primaris (Greyshields and newer recruits) and Firstborn (just under a hundred from different companies of the Salamanders) Space Marines. Much of the Chapter's history was lost during their fight against the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan during the closing days of the 41st Millennium, when the xenos utterly destroyed their fortress-monastery, forcing the remnants of the chapter to abandon their sacred and ancient home, and becoming a fleet-based Chapter. How does one declare a Founding of the Space Marines?. The Chapter met its end in conflict with the, The Scions of Sanguinius are a Loyalist Space Marine Successor Chapter of the, The Shadowhawks is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown, The Solar Hawks is a little-known Loyalist, The Sons of Medusa is a Loyalist Successor. However, Imperial scholars believe this Chapter's inception could coincide with the infamous and little-known 13, The Knights Celestial are an ancient and proud Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the 2. But during the closing years of M41, with the destruction of Cadia and the formation of the galaxy spanning warp phenomena known as the Great Rift, the long lost world of Charterous was vomited back into reality. The Corpse Wolves are an Ultima Founding Successor Chapter created from the proud lineage of the feral Space Wolves. Located at the tip of the border between the newly designated Imperium Nihilus, or the 'Dark Imperium', which had gone dark without the beacon of the Astronomican, and the light Imperium. The Flesh Tearers are cursed by their genetic defects, but still charge into … While it is known they are descended from the Sanguinius, due to lost history, it is unknown which chapter they are successors of directly. The Fists of the Gorgon are a Loyalist Successor Chapter created from the lineage of the stoic and unforgiving Iron Hands. They are based upon the fortress world of Castellum in the Macharia Sector of the Segmentum Pacificus. They were among the Primaris Space Marine Chapters created during the Ultima Founding, at the direct order of Roboute Guilliman, and were created during the Indomitus Crusade. The Steel Sentinels are a Successor Chapter of the heroic Ultramarines, created during the recent Ultima Founding, after the Unnumbered Sons were broken up into separate chapters. The Star Angels are a Loyalist chapter of Space Marines that are suspected to have been created in the 23, The Star Crusaders are a relative young Loyalist Space Marine Chapter founded in M39 during the 24. They will then either roar off to find more foes, or circle around and join their terminator brethren in the slaughter of the Emperor's foes. Created during an Unknown Founding, the Iron Bloods are not even certain if they are direct successors or spawned from another Successor Chapter, though evidence points to the latter. Proud and noble, they place a great emphasis on individual skill at arms and valor in battle. Their Founding is unknown, but many suspect that it was relatively early, perhaps as early as M32. The Stormbreakers are a recently created Space Marine Chapter from an unknown founding comprised mostly of the next stage of evolution of transhuman warriors - the Primaris Space Marines. As a Chapter steeped in the feudal traditions of its Chapter home world, the Iron Templars' doctrines, traditions, and organisation reflect their particular approach to prosecuting the Imperium's wars. Brutal and bloodthirsty, the Sons of Sanguinius zealously prosecute the enemies of, The Sons of the Raven participated in the campaign against the, It is not entirely clear whether the Space Sharks are a separate Chapter or are the same group of, The Space Wolves is one of the original 20, The Star Phantoms took part in the final days of the, The Star Scorpions are now considered extinct, a lost Chapter of, The Steel Confessors recently successfully defended their homeworld, the, The Tigers Argent is a Loyalist Chapter of, The Ultramarines, the direct descendant of the XIII. They serve as the chamber militant for the Ordo Mercador, a minor Ordo of the Inquisition charged with being one of the few forms of oversight into the actions of Rogue Traders. The Templars Moline are a now-extinct Loyalist Successor Chapter created from the zealous and dedicated Black Templars, whom themselves hail from the proud lineage of the stoic Primarch Rogal Dorn. The Sanctors of Lightrim were a formerly Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during an Unknown Founding and of uncertain lineage. During Hive Fleet Leviathan's invasion of Baal, the Mourning Cherubim finally acquired the release they desired. The chapter has gain a reputation of being unrelenting and merciless when on the battlefield, slowly pushing on without fear or remorse when gunning down the enemies of mankind. Even the fire they hold sacred has been turned by the warp, damning the souls they claim to save. It is here, that the Bulls maintain their Chapter's vitally important gene-seed banks, reliquary and recruitment and training facilities. It was corrupted after entering the, The Mantis Warriors, originally known as the Mantis Legion, is a Loyalist, The Marines Exemplar is one of the Loyalist, The Marines Malevolent is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown genetic origin founded in the 32, The Marines Mordant was a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding and a Successor Chapter of the, The Marines Vigilant were destroyed by the, The Mentors, sometimes referred to in Imperial records as the "Mentor Legion," is a Loyalist, The Persecutors of Darkness is a Successor Chapter of the original, The Prophets of Mercury was once a Loyalist, The Rainbow Warriors is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and a Successor Chapter of the, The Raven's Watch is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown Founding that is a rare Successor Chapter of the Raven Guard.

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