Understanding these systems and how they all work together is like having a “guidebook for your life ” complete with detailed instructions about how to make the most positive use of your planetary energies and how to effectively deal with the challenges presented by your chart. Soul Astrology is the Astrology of your inner world. For example, my Pluto is in Libra, so my soul intention is to bring beauty, peace, love, harmony and balance as the pure essence of Libra. You made that solemn decision yourself. >> Astrology makes two promises to anyone who understands its secrets. Chart a course…. Are you a healer or do you have a service or product you’d like to advertise? And finally, the Nodes of the Moon give you a clear picture as to the nature of your evolutionary journey . Your chart, merely one page long but signed with your first breah of air, symbolizes your divine contract with God. What is Soul Astrology; Planets; Zodiac Signs; The Houses in the Birth Chart; A list of Aspects in Brief; Nodes of the Moon; Consultations. In astrology, there are clues as to which zodiac signs are old souls. It is important not to get too entrenched in your Moon, as we really like it there! Your Personal Soul Astrology Chart Full-Length Interpretation & Edgar Cayce Reading Soul Astrology is a vast and multi-layered topic that encompasses the twelve zodiacal signs, the planets, the sun and the moon as well as their placement in each of the twelve houses. What we can talk about in a reading; How I use Flower Remedies; Calendar; My Books. In the eleventh house, means that I express this in communities and groups, and I desire to be an agent of transformation in society. For example, South Node in Leo may have had past lives as a performer or charismatic artist. What we can say is that the soul’s purpose is projected through the persona at the Ascendant. The particulars are going to vary, but I think the majority of us feel most alive when we experience being aligned with some greater purpose. It won’t work for everyone. Follow us HERE! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You can get a free birth chart reading here and use the coordinates for a free natal birth chart reading here. 11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyways! The 2021 Soul Astrology Guide outlines what transit Neptune, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, and the Lunar Nodes are doing for 2021, the signs and degrees they're touring, and how that impacts us all in general. YouTube Of course, our souls are multidimensional and in reality all time is now. See you in Hell, Beatles… and/or kids with bowl cuts, surfer […], by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Thus, the interpretation of your birth chart can indicate what your soul chose to experience in this life. I use my intuition to look at key points in the chart such as wounds/healing needed, past life, and soul purpose. Many of us (if not ALL) have been spiritually or psychically attacked by negative entities as well. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com The Law of Attraction will bring you whatever is predominantly on your mind. document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s); In5D’s Gregg Prescott hosts a live In5D New Year’s Eve Podcast on Zoom and chats with numerous guests about the upcoming year and beyond, including a number of predictions made by Gregg. Aries is the school of the pioneering spirit, breaking bold new ground, and Cancer is the school of caring, nurturing and protection. Many people are aware of Carl Jung’s contributions to the world of psychology but did you know about his contributions to the world of spirituality? Perhaps you have been visited by extraterrestrials or even abducted by them? The chart should always be read as a whole, with all the planets, signs, aspects and layers combined because we are whole beings, greater than the sum of our parts. In esoteric astrology, the Ascendant is the key indicator of the Soul’s Purpose. The soul lessons are concerning balance and relationships. The angles are a crucial part of the natal chart. At the moment of your first breath, the map of the heavens is imprinted onto your being, and you carry it with you throughout your life. So take some time to look at your own chart with some of these concepts in mind or treat yourself to an in depth reading with a competent astrologer. MEGA INFO POST – How To Clear Negative Energies & Entities, UPDATED! They are driven to understand psychology, esoteric teachings and the shadow side of human nature to ultimately dredge up the darkness within their own souls, bringing it to the light of healing. A natal chart is a comprehensive picture of a person’s life. Uranus shows you where you need to break any outmoded rules that are holding you back and in what way you need to follow your own individual path. And when we do find it again we often don’t know how we got there or how to get it back when it’s gone. If you would like me to read your chart, please telephone or email me using the details given on the top of every page – see Consultations for more information on the procedure. Esoteric astrology focuses on the soul’s development which is revealed through a higher understanding of the sun, moon, and rising sign. I also look at your chart from a business/career perspective. Your natal chart is a map of your soul intentions, potentiality and challenges for this life. (function() {var s=document.createElement("script"); s.async=true; })(); The CIA declassified a number of documents that relate to spirituality and consciousness, amongst a number of other fascinating topics! Linda Watson of Soul Guide Astrology, will help you understand your life’s purpose. So a soul path astrology reading can really bring clarity on your direction, encouraging you to come into alignment with your purpose and soul intentions for this life. To book an Ascension Astrology Soul Path reading with Katy Sophia, contact: info@katykeel.com, #astrology #ascension #divinepurpose #soulpath #mandala #energyhealing #mysticism #evolutionaryastrology #southnode #northnode #pluto #moon #ascendant #starmap, © 2015 by Soul Radiance - www.katykeel.com, Soul Path Astrology - the Star Map to your Soul. The South Node of the Moon points out the deeply familiar patterns of your life that can feel frustrating and repetitive and ultimately like dead ends. Neptune points you in the direction of how you connect most naturally with a sense of inspiration, intuition, and spirituality. Understanding more than just our sun sign and getting intimate with our birth chart will allow you to look inward and then peer into the future. The natal chart reveals your inherent psychology, strengths and weaknesses. Did you know that there are many different light languages just as there are many languages here on our planet? Your natal chart paints a picture of your inner world that can help you understand your needs, desires and motivations more deeply. The soul connection in astrology soul actually explains the inner purpose of a relationship. In5D PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/in5d See our In5D articles the day before they’re released, AD FREE, on Patreon for a minimal donation! Some people awakened through personal experiences, some through truth seeking, some had spontaneous awakening, etc… What led to YOUR spiritual awakening? What is it that allows you to wake up in the morning feeling energized and inspired? Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com Do you feel like something really big is on the horizon but you cannot put your finger on what it is? You can also get a Free Comprehensive Detailed Birth Chart right here on In5D. Not seeing our posts on FB? Your natal chart paints a picture of your inner world that can help you understand your needs, desires and motivations more deeply. So we need a map. See EXCLUSIVE In5D Videos and Articles on Patreon. If you or someone you know wants to remove negative […], UPDATED May 5, 2019 by Gregg Prescott, M.S. There is an ongoing crisis mechanism and opens up great opportunities for development. The bible bans the following things many of us experience in every day life, but we do anyways! It is not fate that ordained you to be sick, broke, wealthy, happy, or miserable. Kerri Ann Sanders joins Gregg to help kick in the New Year! See the details of our destiny! This story illustrates the core premise of Kabbalistic astrology: you are the maker of your own chart. However, in the context of a circle, the South Node depicts the axis we are moving away from because we know it well, and perhaps have become a little lazy. That purpose is often related to becoming more of who we are, to giving ourselves permission to freely and unselfconsciously use all of our natural gifts , and to having the willingness and the courage to continually grow, learn and stretch ourselves in order to live a truly authentic life. The Moon gives you clues about you what makes you happy and how to feed and nurture your deepest heart and soul. Read more about Soul Astrology… Consultations. Astrology Report. What would you recommend to other people who are just awakening? SOUL ASPECTS IN SYNASTRY. Physical Pains & Their Metaphysical Meanings. >> Read more! var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["classic", "egtq69mrk0ps", "fdr"]); Book Session – In-person/ phone or video call (incl MP3 audio recording & charts) Astrology is based on your unique natal birth chart and the interpretation of planets and symbols within a twelve house system. The Moon in traditional astrology represents our instincts, emotions, habits, the past, the mother and the feminine nature. You have incarnated with particular karma to work through, and your birth family and early life experiences reflect this.

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