Note: it comes in three main colors. Catarafts differ substantially in terms of carrying capacity, performance, and maneuverability. Best For: Fishermen who want one model of reel for any rod setup. The Vibe is my top pick for the most stable fishing kayak. Learn More →. Top chafe, thwarts, extra D-rings and other options are available on request. Small Catarafts. All in all, when you want a cataraft with maximum cargo capacity for long-distance cruising, the NRS 16’ Kodiak is about as good as it gets. It packs neatly and fits easily in your car trunk. About AIRE. The more rocker a craft has, the more maneuverable it will be, but a large rocker will also decrease stability – as less surface area will come in contact with the water. Check out the NRS Fishing Frame Y Thigh Bar for a great Y-shaped thigh bar. It’s more expensive than PVC, and is fairly difficult to actually repair in the field. The Top 5 list. Like catarafts themselves, frames differ significantly in terms of size, function, and performance. Self-draining zippered compartments in the front and rear give you ample storage space for any gear you don’t mind getting wet, while five separate air chambers ensure you’ll stay afloat in case of a puncture. We start with the 13’6” Sotar Strike, perfect for spreading out the sometimes chaos of 2 anglers fishing out of a boat. An optional motor mount (not included) allows you to attach an outboard or trolling motor directly to the frame. Built of super durable, 2200 denier cloth these PVC tubes are build to last and last. The Front Frame Extention is inefficient to ship as illustrated. John has been rowing Sotar boats since 1984 – and rowed rafts a distance equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth! Three inflation chambers ensure your stay above water in case a puncture occurs. However, catarafts can be pricey, with some running well over $1,500 for the tubes alone. Herzer’s primary boat, the 13.5 foot Strike provides ample space between anglers and oarsperson, making tangles between anglers and “pistol-whipping” of the guide are a thing of the past. When he wanted to spend less time in the workshop and more time on the water, he chose to build his cataraft using Kee Lite fittings and pipe. Want to catch more fish? The fact is, one doesn't need a frame to fish; merely patience and bait. There are many inflatable fishing kayak 2 person in the market. Quite different from the other pontoon boats we have reviewed, this one is built for extreme fun, extreme performance, agility and stability. With giant 16-foot 28-inch diameter tubes, the craft sits high in the water and will keep you nimble even when under heavy loads. The stern tubes also diminish but only down to 16” allowing for gear stacked high on multi-day trips or a heavy angler and the anchor weight resting on the back tube on day trips. Longer, wider cataraft tubes displace more water allowing you load more people and gear onto them. The heavy duty Pennel Orca material is super abrasion-resistant, while sixteen 2” stainless steel D-rings provide an excellent anchor system for your frame. 2 man fishing craft, breakdown aluminum frame, 2 piece oars, no patches no leaks. ALL Blackfoot Strikes come standard with FOUR air chambers in the main outside tube! Cataraft Tubes. For most people, the choice will come down to either a traditional raft or a cataraft. Leg/Thigh Bars: Leg and thigh bars allow you to stand up while casting and fighting fish, even in rough, fast moving water. A 14-foot cat with decks added to the front and rear can hold more than a 14-foot raft, although you’ll need to be more judicious in how you pack them to avoid unbalancing the craft. You will never face an issue for many years regarding the construction of this fishing kayak. Fishing Raft Cataraft Frames, Fly Casting Decks, Fishing Platforms for Performance Rafts and CataRafts, Diving Platforms: Fishing Frame for 12 ft: Thigh Post for Rafts: Re: Fishing Chassis Frame above. Flooring also helps prevent you from accidentally dropping things through the frame. They also can either be paddled or rowed, whereas cats can only be rowed. We build boats, package boats, sell boats, ship boats out and at the end of the day, we get out on the water and go boating. SOTAR’s continuous curve Cat design has become an industry standard. At 13’ long and 22” wide, the highly rockered inflatable tubes are exceedingly maneuverable and quick in the water, enabling you to blast through holes and fly over waves effortlessly. They’re also very forgiving, making them ideal for beginners – and good boats to learn how to row whitewater with. “Fishing” may include catching aquatic animals other than fish, such as molluscs, cephalopods, crustaceans, and echinoderms. No longer do we lose maneuverability when a 300lb angler or all your gear for a 5 day is piled in the back. NEW FOR 2018! It’s highly durable, lightweight, and makes an excellent material for most rafts. With dozens of parts and nuts and bolts, they take hours to assemble.The FoldCat is completely different and significantly better. Internal urethane Aire cells provide improved strength and durability, while integrated strip pockets protect your boat from the frame. If you’re interested in mounting an outboard motor, catarafts will be easier to do this with than most rafts. Nowadays you can find me writing about my passions or (preferably!) As far as cargo space goes, a fully decked out cataraft will hold more than a raft of equivalent length. Accepting Deposits NOW! Inner Construction Its awesome solid fishing floors make this boat incredible for fly fishing or bait fishing. A look at the sleek lines gives you a glimpse of the performance you will appreciate. Raft and cataraft custom frames, accessories, dry boxes and more. Close search. Menu 0. John has been rowing Sotar boats since 1984 – and rowed rafts a distance equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth! SOTAR Inflatable Kayaks are a beautiful fusion of performance and durability. ST Cats; Legend Cats; Coho Cats; SL Cats; Kayaks. Better step up to the SOTAR Blackfoot Strike. It’s what lead me to start this site and share my passions for fishing, diving, kayaking and more. With that in mind we offer the 'Montana Guide Edition' Sotar Strike. Both have their relative strengths and weaknesses, so consider how you plan to use your raft for the most part, and what makes the most sense for your environment. As quality whitewater inflatable craft aren’t cheap, you’ll want to consider a few things carefully before making a decision. Lime, two-tone gray, and the dark purple are by special order only. Probably the best fly fishing reel available at any price. Agile, lightweight, and well-built, this highly maneuverable cataraft makes a great choice for whitewater day outings or carrying light gear for an overnight trip. Urethane is slick and slips nicely over rocks. They have more surface area in contact with the water, which makes them less maneuverable. clicking the below will take you to Amazon and view the latest price and read the customer reviews. The floor is raised 6” above the tubes, so like a traditional cataraft, only the tubes come in contact with the water. Less rocker will increase stability and place you closer to the water, but won’t be as nimble or maneuverable in whitewater. Generally speaking, rafts are more expensive than comparable catarafts, although this isn’t always the case – especially when you consider add-ons like flooring and cargo bags. Image. Creek Company 12´ Cataraft. NRS, for example, calls their proprietary Hypalon fabric ‘Pennel Orca’. This is our passion! Like other high-performance cats, it will work best when not fully loaded with gear. There is no definition of a fishing frame that is universally accepted or understood. Most tubes will come with a maximum frame length, so pay attention to this when picking out a frame. Check out the FrontierPlay Dry Adventure Box for an ideal dry storage option. Load it up and row on. Your email address will not be published. A high-pressure 3” drop-stitch deck attaches to the self-bailing floor, creating a stable platform for 1-2 paddlers. Sharing Montana rivers with anglers for over 20 years, Blackfoot River Outfitters' reputation as a leader in the Montana fly fishing industry, sits firmly on a foundation of loyal clients and their referrals.

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